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10,000 Podcast Downloads

I am so delighted that my 'Are Kids for Me' Podcast has reached 10,000 downloads. This is a huge achievement as it started as a lockdown project and I taught myself how to make a podcast from Youtube videos. It is also really significant as it shows that there are so many people, in Ireland and around the whole world (thank you Buzzsprout statistics!), who are interested in this topic.

My initial aim of making a podcast was to show that the clients who came to me were not alone, were not the only one asking questions about whether to have children or not, not the only ones imaging other ways of living that don't include parenting. As a therapist, I know there are people out there but, due to confidentiality, I can't link them up with each other. This breaks my heart when I hear how much these people just want to know that they are not alone and there are other people out there who think and feel like them, who know what they mean and won't judge them. However, I could use the podcast to share discussions about the questions they were asking and show that there are many people out there who share their views.

On a selfish note, the podcast has given me a fantastic reason to speak to a range of people on a topic I am genuinely so fascinated by. Thanks so much to all my guests who took part and were so generous with their time and expertise. Thanks to everyone who has listened to episodes and to those who have sent lovely messages about the show.

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