These are summaries of my thesis research which explored how women in Ireland make the decision to become a parent or not in 2017.​​

Irish Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy Winter Edition 2017 

'Decision Making Regarding Motherhood in Ireland: Making a Space in Counselling for Women's Voices' 


These are links to websites that I think provide useful information on the parenthood decision.


I have spoken about the parenthood decision at several conferences and events. I believe it is very important to raise awareness that there is a choice to be made and each person has to make the right decision for their lives. 

"Decision Making Regarding Motherhood in Ireland - Changing Family Formations"

Irish Social Policy Association Conference, Dublin, July 2018

"Choice as a Form of Resistance - Decision Making regarding Motherhood on Ireland"

- Sibeal Feminist & Gender Studies Network, University College Dublin, November 2017

"Decision Making Regarding Motherhood in Ireland: Making a Space for Women's Voices in Counselling" - Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy Conference, Kilkenny, October 2017

"Decision Making Regarding Motherhood in Ireland - Has Anything Changed?"

- Women On Ireland Research Network, Waterford Institute of Technology, June 2017

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