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Time to Celebrate -International Childfree Day!

August 1st (this Sunday!) is International Childfree day. This is a day to highlight and celebrate all the great things about being childfree and to recognize the ongoing work of the childfree community to normalize this choice.

Here are the details of some of the many great, free events taking place this weekend.

On July 31st, there is a full day Childfree Conference. There is an amazing array of topics and speakers to look at all aspects of childfree life including travel, climate change and being childfree and single/married. For full details check out

On August 1st, the second issue of the Childfree Magazine will be launched. This is a collection of carefully gathered content by childfree people from around the world. The advertising and images used are also focused on the needs of childfree people. It is so wonderful to see a reflection of childfree life that is usually missing from mainstream media. I am delighted to have an article included in this issue where I explore the concept of liminality and how we can create and celebrate our own milestones as childfree people. You can pre-order your copy here -

Also on August 1st, there will be a discussion panel of international speakers about how to create real change around and outside of the childfree movement. I am delighted to be included in this panel along with key figures of the childfree community including Marcia Drut Davis, Laura Carroll, Amy Blackstone, Therese Shecter and Raphaele Wagner. This panel is organised by Tanya Williams, also the creator of the Childfree Magazine! Here is the link for registration to attend - This event is drawing from an international panel so will take place at 11pm Irish time. I know it's a bit late but it is a bank holiday so hopefully you can stay up a bit later and join us!

I am so excited for this weekend of events with like minded people. I really hope you can join as many as possible. Let's embrace our day of celebration.

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