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Update & Call Out

Hi everyone and thanks for listening to the podcast and reading the blog so far, I really appreciate it. It's amazing to hear from people across Ireland and the world about how positive you are finding it.

On a practical note, I have realised that having a weekly episode is not practical for me at the moment so I will go to fortnightly from now, that means the next episode will be out next Friday (Oct 16th).

I am still recording episodes and just to give you a heads up, that includes talking to more couples, to men, discussing the environmental aspect, and looking at more practical issues like contraception advice from a GP and financial planning advice for when we are old (that dreaded question!).

I would love to hear about what other topics you would like to be covered so please let me know. Also please contact me if you yourself would like to be a podcast guest!

Thanks and take care,


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